Hi everyone! Rarely in my blog there is information about art, in particular painting, but I couldn't leave this one without attention. I will not say that I am a fan of this direction, but the works of Konstantin Poole caught my eye. Konstantin Poole is an artist whose story became an embodiment of real talent and overcoming difficulties. Starting his creative journey at a mature age, he managed to find a unique style and embed deep meaning in his paintings. Konstantin's path began in 2018, when many people already thought that it was too late to achieve success in art. At the time, he was 50 years old and had already reached impressive heights in business. However, despite this comfortable status, the flame of art has always burned in his soul. To date, there are several dozen works in his collection, each of which is a real mystery for the viewer. Konstantin's paintings are unusual, intriguing and provoke to think about the meaning of existence. He has created a gallery on his website where visitors have the opportunity to share their impressions and read the feedback of others. Konstantin called this form of interaction with the public "Aura of Meanings", as each work of art has its own unique energy and meaning. But Konstantin's talent is not limited only to creativity. He makes significant efforts to promote Russian art outside his country. Active participation in exhibitions, helping other Russian artists to present their works to the foreign community - all this has become an integral part of his life. In August 2023, Konstantin organized a festival in Bulgaria that brought together artists, photographers, poets and all those who share his passion for creativity. This festival was a great opportunity to share experiences, inspire and strengthen ties between creative people. His efforts to highlight Russian art were supported by the Eurasian Creative Guild from London, a clear recognition of his work. Konstantin Pohl is an example that it is never too late to take your own path and reach great heights. His story is inspiring and shows that talent and dedication to art can overcome any obstacle, even when it seems too late.